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Piaceri Mediterranei

Piaceri Mediterranei is the result of the union of best Italian food tradition along with the experience in the coeliac disease field of Eurospital SpA. For over twenty years, we have been collaborating with doctors and coeliac disease specialists in the study and diagnosis of gluten intolerance, receiving important international acknowledgements.

All Piaceri Mediterranei products are conceived to meet the requirements of consumers who must follow a gluten-free diet, ensuring not only a unique taste but also a controlled and reliable supply chain, which guarantees gluten-free products.

Piaceri Mediterranei offer a wild range of tasty and innovative products for accompanying our consumers in every moment of the day.

Our products, always gluten-free, are produced in Italy with quality and selected ingredients and are developed to make you enjoy the pleasure of a unique flavour to share with others.

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People are the focus and the base of our work

We are constantly engaged in the research and development of tasty and innovative products which can meet the needs and the desires of our consumers.

We accurately select the best ingredients and allergen-free recipes, such as milk and eggs to meet the needs of all our consumers who suffer from other intolerances in addition to gluten intolerance.

Moreover, where possible, we prefer sunflower oil or extra virgin olive oil as a substitute for palm oil.

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Quality and safety

The utmost attention to details is behind all Piaceri Mediterranei delicacies.

We carefully select our suppliers and we establish long-term relationships with them. We work together to constantly improve the taste and the quality of our products.

We evaluate every production facility and we perform gluten analysis on every production batch.

We select and we search for the best suppliers for every product category, favoring the Italian ones.

We run several tests on our products to ensure the best taste and the highest safety.

We propose safe products with a unique taste. 

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