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Pharmacy division

Innovation for living better

A reliable partner to ensure health, in particular in the integrated home care and growth areas.

Consolidated specialisations and new offerings: The Pharmaceutical Business Unit operates in the pharmacy market segment manufacturing and commercialising a wide range of ethical drugs, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, cosmetics and food supplements of the highest quality all over Italy.

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Taking care of people is our value

Eurospital’s long-standing tradition in the pharmacy industry is rooted in deep values, such as professionalism and ethics, which drive us in the continuous pursuit of solutions to improve people’s life.

We have shaped our present in multiple therapeutic fields based on these values and focusing on the needs of the new generations.

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Infusion Solutions

Eurospital Solutions

Ethical products are the core business of the Pharmacy Division and have always been our benchmark.

Fittings and Infusion Sets

Fittings and Infusion Sets

Quality and safety Eurospital Quality Care: when a detail is worth a life. Eurospital Quality Care represents the constant desire to offer products suitable for all patients in home care.

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Eye care

Sterilens One Plus

Unique solution for the care of all types of contact lenses.

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Sterilens Idra

Eye drops for the care of your eyes.

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Nasal nebulizer


Nebulizer for nasal irrigation.

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Food Supplements


A line of supplement based on Vitamin D for all needs starting from birth, for children, adolescents and adults.

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Non Ad Garze

Sterile cotton gauze in large mesh soaked in paraffin that do not adhere to the wound and allow the addition of specific medications.

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Skin protection

Pasta Eurospital

Dermatologically tested dermal protective paste, with zinc oxide, natural vegetable oils, vitamins A, E, F.

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Pasta Eurospital Crema Riparatrice

A complete range of products based on Silver and Hyaluronic Acid against rhagades, skin cracks, severe dryness and chilblains.

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Throat and voice


Dequadin contains the active ingredient Dequalinium Chloride and is a broad-spectrum antibacterial (antifungal) antibacterial drug.

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The Pastilles Anberries Gola e Voce, the only and the original since 1892, are characterized by goodness and timeless elegance.

Anberries Pastiglie Gola


Torch is the only “Licorice of Calabria D.O.P” and VeganOk in the pharmacy.

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Enemac is used in the symptomatic treatment of constipation and for intestinal evacuation before radiological examinations or other diagnostic tests.

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Rapid diagnostic tests

Rapid diagnostic tests

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