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Eurospital Genetic Product Line (EGT) provides a portfolio of genetic tests in real time PCR suitable for any instrumental platform.

Decades of experience in the identification and diagnosis of coeliac patients led Eurospital to develop XeliGen, the only genetic test on the market able to identify the individuals bearing the alleles for coeliac disease and to stratify the risk to develop the pathology.

Since the HLA alleles responsible for coeliac disease are linked to those of Type I Diabetes Mellitus (T1D), Eurospital has further developed DiabeGen, the genetic test for the identification of alleles that either predispose to or protect against type I diabetes.

Eurospital portfolio of genetic tests related to gastroenterology diseases is completed with LactoGen, the non-invasive genetic test for the identification of lactose intollerant subjects.

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