Research and Development

The key players of innovation

Research is in our DNA. Future is in our research.

Eurospital collaborates with important university networks and international research centres.

The Diagnostic Business unit is one of the most innovative ones in Italy thanks to the investments in research projects made in relation to the turnover.

Ricerca e sviluppo

Ideas, products, and services to step into the future

Eurospital is one of the few Italian companies with its own Research and Development department. The expertise of chemical and biological researchers, physicians, IT and instrumentation experts, and an international network of clinicians has allowed us to manufacture successful products and develop new ideas, products, and services to step into the future and improve the quality of life.

Eurospital is one of the founding members of the Italian Molecular Biology Consortium (CBM – Consorzio di Biologia Molecolare) together with major international Universities and Research Centres.

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“Sanitization, social distancing and exploitation of IT technology”

Announcement POR FESR 2014-2020 – Line of action 2.3.c.1

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